The Tiny Temple For Well-Being


For The Love Of Feeling Fantastic
A 21 Day Juice Quest
Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand

Offered Twice A Year

SEPTEMBER 28th - OCTOBER 18th 2019 


The Intention of this JUICE QUEST is to offer people an informative & supportive environment to experience incorporating green juice as a cleansing and nutritional tool into your day to day life over 21 DAY period of time. With the intention of becoming more energised, lighter, focused & joyful in your everyday life. 

Prerequisites for this JUICE Quest:

  • Anybody over 16 years is welcome to partake in this JUICE Quest
  • No previous experience of juicing is necessary
  • You may have learnt juicing techniques in the past but would like to use this 21 days to reintroduce a Juicing Practice
  • If you have a medical ailment please consult your health practitioner first
  • Personal responsibility to do further homework for yourself if you are unsure about any aspect of this Juicing Quest
  • You must take full responsibility for the juices you choose to create & ingest & their effects on your body, using your personal knowledge and intuition regarding your own body and its individual needs and requirements as a compass.
This Quest is for you if you are:

  • Wanting to utilise the natural invitation of warmer weather to experience a gentle body cleanse 
  • Feeling heavy &/or lethargic in your body after and would like to feel lighter ... maybe physically loose some weight
  • Are relying on stimulants for energy such as coffee, tea, chocolate etc and would like to switch over to a cleaner, more high nutrient clearer energy source
  • Maybe just wanting to `dip your toe in' and just learn & experience The benefits of  Green Juice
  • Wanting to learn theoretical & practical techniques surrounding juicing, cleansing and setting up a day to day juice habit
  • Wanting to utilise the support of a group to make your Juicing Quest a success

Benefits Will Vary With Each Individual & May Include: 

  • Increased Energy
  • Clearer Focus and Mental Agility
  • A natural tendency for the body to attain its optimal healthy weight
  • Less cravings for alternative energy stimulants such as caffeine, sugar etc..
  • Increased levels of overall Well-being & Joy
  • Experiential knowledge around Green Juice as a nutritious source for cleansing and nourishing the body
  • A greater experiential understanding regarding fresh food and its value as an energy source
  • Group Support, Accountability (If Wanted) & Encouragement
What You Will Receive On This Quest

  • 7 Hours over 21 Days @ The Tiny Temple For Well-being gathering support, information & techniques for life long knowledge & health 
  • Weekly juicing recipes & guidance
  • Access To a Private 21 DAY GREEN JUICE QUEST Facebook Messenger Feed .This is to help support you by sharing your day to day journey journey if you wish to, will also harnessing support





Register Now To Secure Your Place. If thereis no available space you will have the option of being top of the list for the next course



  • You will be sent through a list of the equipment needed
  • Juicers can be hired upon request ( you can often pick up a second hand juicer for about $30 to $40 online, or in the local 2nd hand stores
  • You will be sent through a list of various options as to how you wish to approach this Juice Quest 
  • You will be sent through some chosen Youtube links online, showing the benefits of juicing
  • You will be sent a link to the private Facebook Messenger Feed
DAY 1 Saturday 9am - 12.30pm 

@ The Tiny Temple for Well-Being in Wanaka

  • This workshop which will be an experiential journey showing you how to set up an everyday Green Juicing Practice
  • You will meet the other people that are sharing this Juice Quest with you
  • You will be given A comprehensive outline for setting up your juicing Quest which includes do`s and don`ts for successful outcomes 
  • Various Green Juice Recipes will be shared 
  • You will be given your A 21 DAY GREEN JUICE QUEST Planner in which you will design your own personal 21 day journey that you feel happy with
  • You will be given your  21 DAY GREEN JUICE QUEST Journal in which to keep notes
  • Questions can be asked and will be answered as best as possible
  • Your first Green Juice of the Quest will be created and drank together
DAY 2 Sun. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 3 Mon. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 4 Tues. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 5 Wed. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 6 Thurs. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 7 Fri. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 8 Sat. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 9 Sun. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 10 Mon. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 11 Tues. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY12 Wed. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 13 Thurs. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine
DAY 14 Fri. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine

DAY 15 Saturday 9am - 11am

@ The Tiny Temple for Well-Being in Wanaka
(If You are unable to make the workshop the information will be emailed to you)

  • Meet up with the group & share experiences
  • You are invited to undertake a 3, 5, 0r 7 day Full Juice Fast, eliminating all other foods and drinking as much juice & water as wanted throughout the day.
  • Or you can continue as you were going, both pathways will bring you GOODNESS
  • Recipes, tips and guidance will be given

DAY 16  Sun. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine or Full Juice FAST
DAY 17  Mon. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine or Full Juice FAST
DAY 18  Tues. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine or Full Juice FAST
DAY 19  Wed. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine or Full Juice FAST
DAY 20  Thurs. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine or Full Juice FAST

DAY 21 Fri. Incorporate a Green Juice Into Your Morning Routine or Full Juice FAST

@ The Tiny Temple for Well-Being in Wanaka
(If You are unable to make the workshop the information will be emailed to you)

  • A chance to share your experiences and feedback to the group 
  • Share a last celebration juice
  • Receive information about how to carry forward from this point




To secure your place on the JUICE QUEST please fill out the Registration Form at the bottom of the page
Payment needs to be made via internet banking upon registration. A confirmation text/or email will then be sent out confirming your place on the JUICE QUEST
Bank Details:  Tanette Hickey 02-0576-0052444-000
Payment Plan
I would be grateful if the full payment can be made upon registration. If however that is not financially possible for you at this time there is the opportunity, if needed to set up a payment plan weekly, if you would like to request this please indicate on the form below and you will be emailed through details. Please understand that once you register,  the full amount needs to be paid regardless of if you turn up to each class or not.
If you do not currently have the funds to attend one of these Offerings but would really like to be a part of one, The Tiny Temple For Well-being has a Scholarship programme running, currently offering one free scholarship per class.
If you are feeling `super abundant` and would like to sponsor another person to partake in a six week Course please indicate in the registration form below and..... Many Thanks on behalf of another !!
Group Numbers
Group numbers are limited to approx. 12 people
If you miss out on this group you will be added to the top of the waiting list for the next course and any payment you have made will be reimbursed until the next course begins

Questions & Answers

I don`t have a juicer & don`t think i can afford one?
The Tiny Temple has 7 Juicers to loan out please ask if you would like to hire one over this GREEN JUICE QUEST

Is This Juice Quest For Everyone?
I can only speak from my own personal experience ( Tanette ) and say that drinking green juice regularly has helped enhance my vitality and cleanse my body and balance my mind. As with everything there is varying opinions regarding juicing. My suggestion is to give this a try and as you go through the quest listen to your body and intuition as to how it is working for you. If you know you are allergic to any vegetables that are suggested just replace them with another that works better for you. Also do your own research.... The Tiny Temple has a great library on the topic of juicing which you are welcome to utilise. 

Do you eat food through this cleanse? 
This is up to you and how you would like to design your own 21 Day QUEST due to your health history and previous experiences of cleansing
For most people the juice will be introduced every morning into your normal food routine. 

NOTE: On Day 14 you will be given a choice if you would like to do a full 3, 5, or 7 day juice cleanse with no food. But this is completely up to you

Am I expected to give up anything?
Once again this is your choice and will depend on your health and your previous experiences with cleansing your body. 
You don`t have to give up any food. It is invited that you slowly come off caffeine, alcohol, nicotine & sugar for best benefits but once again that is your choice.
Either way, introducing a green juice day to day with all of its nutrient will (for most people) add to your health & vitality

Will I experience any side effects?
Introducing a green juice into your daily routine without eliminating anything else invites your body to experience a very gentle detox and you may experience either no adverse side effects or a slight headache or loose bowel movements over 21 days as your body gently begins to eliminate toxins held in the cells and organs. 

Depending upon the history of your diet, drug and medication history as well as  what you choose to give up over the 21 days and if you do a full juice cleanse from day 14, will have a large influence on your personal experiences.

 If you choose to eliminate more addictive substances from your diet such as coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, sugar etc, you increase your chance to experience detox symptoms such as headaches, loose bowel movements, nausea.  if your history consists of heavy substance abuse and if you are currently on any drugs or medication it is your responsibility to consult your health practitioner before beginning this Juicing Quest.

It is essential to understand that your fresh water intake over the 21 days needs to be up to approx. 8 glasses a day. This helps eliminate the toxins that will be unlocked from cells and organs. Fresh water is best... I choose to gather the fresh water from the Wanaka spring down by the Dinosaur Park in Wanaka

Tanette Hickey
Your Green Juice QUEST Facilitator

Hello my name is Tanette and I will be your Juice Facilitator over this 21 DAY GREEN JUICE QUEST.

My Journey with Green Juice began about 6 years ago in Wellington when a great friend introduced me to an every day morning Green Juice. About 3 weeks into this process I began to feel AMAZING! To the point where I set up a small Green Juicing stall in Wellington to share the joy as well as incorporating them into the Well-being Retreats.
It has now been about 6 years and while I don`t have Green Juice everyday it has become my go-to a few times a week and periodically for cleansing my body at different times throughout the year.

I have also realised lately that I have to consciously day to day reach for tools to support my well-being. Sometimes I succeed and other times I get caught up in the delight of vearing off path. I find that having a green juice full of nutrients helps me find some balance to my zig zag life !!

I would just like to be clear and make the disclaimer that I do not have any formal training in nutrition but have gained a large amount of experiential knowledge, techniques and great tasting recipes over this time to share with you. 
Thus I have to legally mention it is your full responsibility to choose to undertake this 21 day quest. If you have any medical conditions, or concerns please consult your health practitioner first.
Upon saying that I have found these cleanses to offer a superb way to gently rejuvenate my physical, mental and spiritual health. 

I look forward to meeting you soon! For further information about me please click here.

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