Hello and welcome. My name is Tanette Hickey and over the years I have had many personal journeys and adventures which have continually feed my curiosity and interest regarding the human spirit and its desire for happiness, development and expansion. This interest combined with my own personal development and study has currently lead me to this point of offering my services as a Well-Being Facilitator. I have an array of tools which I use to support such exploration of the self and these are offered in a variety of forms to suit, individuals, groups and work orientated well-being. 

Below I share with you some of my own highlights in my life which have bought me to this moment and which have helped me weave together my offerings for you.


    My TRIBE

    Being a mother of a daughter who is now 21 years old has been one of the most rewarding and expanding experiences I have had the privilege to enjoy. It has been an incredibly rich journey watching both myself and my daughter grow in relationship to each other with many lessons learned and fun had. I feel also blessed with the plethora of unique, fun friends which surround my heart as well as an amazingly supportive family who continue to support my dreams and my path. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Natural Health & Nutrition

    Health & the influence of `Let Food Be Thy Medicine` has played a major part in my life due to having major back pain in my mid 20`s & an ongoing tendency to feel incredibly tired and lethargic in relationship to the food that I was eating.  This has been both a painful, perplexing & joyful journey as I have studied and experienced an array of healing foods and techniques. It is great to be at this end of the story where I can now have a much greater understanding of what foods contribute to my well-being and what does not. Also the understanding of the importance of nature, balanced thoughts, positive friends and movement all woven together to give me a way to thrive. I am still `learning & learning` & `sharing & sharing` & I find it utterly fascinating & compelling to continue to discover the keys to expansive well-being.

    My Offerings

    The Tiny Temple For Well-being is the umbrella which I am currently offering Well-being Support. The Tiny Temple is based in Wanaka, Aoteraoa `New Zealand and here I offer, Therapeutic Massage, Personal Well-being Programmes & Retreats.
    Meditation, Mindfulness & Visualisation

    The use of Meditation, Mindfulness and Visualisation have been essential tools in my ability to create day to day ongoing well-being for myself   Since I have personally received so much from meditation, mindfulness and visualisation I have loved sharing these techniques and methods to groups over the last 10 years and enjoyed seeing the well-being it has also brought others.
     Some of the Meditation modalities I have studied & practiced are
    Sacred Geometry Meditation
    The Art of Living Meditation
    Vipassansa Meditation
    Insight Meditation
    Please see the Weekly Retreat page for upcoming meditation classes

    Personal Coaching & Counselling

    I have had the honour of Coaching and Counselling many individuals over the last 8 years and it is one of my deep joys to be able to support others to move through the hard places and make choices to change the direction of their lives in small or large ways. My Training for Life Coaching was obtained in Christchurch over a one year period, moving onto Dunedin where I did my Counselling training,  going on to offer Counselling in Twizel (Anglican Care), Queenstown (Wakatipu High School) and Private Practice in Wanaka &Wellington NZ.


    Designing and facilitating `Well-being Retreats' throughout Aotearoa ~ New Zealand 

    Running Retreats and offering a plaform for well-being, transformation, expansion and fun is amongst one of the top joys of my life. I find great reward in supporting others to let go of what is holding them back and seeing them step into their potential and dreams. Below is the ever increasing list of past retreats with many future retreats in the pipeline

    2016 The Art & Adventure of Creating a Life you Love'  RetreatWorkshop  SHINE Transformational Retreats. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2015 `The Art & Adventure of Creating a Life you Love' Workshop/Retreat. SHINE Transformational Retreats. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2015 `Create Your Life' Workshop/RetreatRetreats For The Soul. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ 
    2014 `Spring Women`s Well-being Retreat'Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ 
    2014 `Mindfulness Meditation Retreat'. Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2013 `Spring Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2013 `Nature, Nurture, Nutrition' Retreat. Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2013 `TRIBE Teenage Creative Workshops. Newtown. Wellington.  Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2013 `Autumn Women`s Wellbeing Retreat'. Red Retreats. Riverslea Retreat Centre. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2012 `Spring Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Red Retreats. Riverslea Retreat Centre. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2010 `Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Red Retreats. Lookout Lodge . Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ
    2009 `Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Red Retreats. Lookout Lodge. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ

    Therapeutic  Massage

    I was attracted to Therapeutic Massage at Lincoln University in New Zealand where I studied Sports Massage at Night Class alongside my degree. It wasn't until I travelled over to Australia that I then learnt Therapeutic Massage as well as Reiki (a form of hands on healing) and came back to Wanaka to offer Therapeutic Massage to the community for over the last 20 years.  I have found massage has helped me to understand the physical body in much greater depth and how trapped energy can be released by attention and pressure.

    TRIBE Movement Meditation; offering classes & workshops throughout Aotearoa ~NZ

    From a young child I have always loved to dance although I was to shy to do so other than when I was by myself. Then in 2006 in the mountains of Aotearoa ~ New Zealand I was introduced to a concept of dance called the `5 rhythms` which filled my soul to overflowing. From this point I have woven together many strands of teachings including meditation, movement and circle work to now offer `Global TRIBE Movement Meditation' This is also offered in the Well-being Retreats that we offer.

    2016 TRIBE Movement Meditation. Yoga Ground WanakaAotearoa~NZ
    2016 TRIBE Movement Meditation WorkshopThe Centre For Higher Self  Wellington. Aotearoa~NZ
    2015 Creating Mindfulness Nightclasses. Wanaka & Hawea. Aotearoa NZ
    2014-2015 TRIBE Movement MeditationThe Centre For Higher Self  Wellington. Aotearoa~NZ
    2012-2013 TRIBE Movement Meditation. Wellington School of Dance. Aotearoa~NZ
    2010-2011 TRIBE Movement Meditation Wanaka. Aotearoa~NZ
    2008- 2009 TRIBE Movement Meditation. Dunedin. Aotearoa~NZ
    2007 TRIBE Movement Meditation. Wanaka. Aotearoa~NZ



    Waihōanga Centre For Well-being: 
    Co-owner, Manager & Creator
    It has been a personal dream for many years to design and set up a Retreat Centre in Aotearoa ~ New Zealand & in 2013 I had the opportunity to co-own & co-create the Waihōanga Centre For Well-being.  The Centre has now being passed onto others and it is exciting to see the threads of many dreams and visions being woven together. To see what was created please click on the video to the left

    The Little Green Juicing Company 

    The `Little Green Juicing Company` has only had a short time on the stage due to buying the Waihoanga Centre for Well-being, but creating this little gem of an idea is close to my heart. Discovering 'green juicing' in 2012, I became a converted `juicearian` due to the benefits in health that I experienced. Setting up a juicing stall at the Newtown Market in Wellington and selling fresh green juice (& other colours of the rainbow) gave me a great amount of satisfaction. I also offered juicing workshops and one to one help to set up a juicing practice. I have a deep feeling that this platform for great health will rise again in some form in the future.

    Tanette green juicing

    Native Seed Gallery 

    In 2001 I was granted an enterprise allowance which assisted me to buy tools for my art as well as set up a small gallery in the heart of Wanaka with a friend and business partner, Merle Schuburt. This was my first endeavour of going into a larger business with someone else and understanding the workings of a gallery. A great learning, fun and growing experience.

    Artist: Creating & selling art over a twelve year period

    I have loved creating all of my life with a variety of different components & avenues. Having being taught fine arts through different avenues with special attention to paint, carving & weaving I have spent many years creating various pieces of art work using a lot of multi media. Below shows some of the exhibitions that I was part of over a twelve year period. My art is always within me but now is created in many various ways, including the `Ārt & Adventure of Creating a Life I Love`

    Up until 2009 creating art & selling on commission 
    2007. Roto Art Exhibition. Hawea. Aotearoa. NZ
    2002. Personal Exhibition. Relishes. Wanaka. Aotearoa NZ
    2001. Personal Art Exhibition. Native Seed Gallery. Wanaka. Aotearoa NZ
    2000. Personal Exhibition. Letham Art Gallery. Auckland. Aotearoa NZ
    1999. Joint Exhibition. Letham Art Gallery. Auckaland. Aotearoa NZ
    1998. Joint Art Exhibition. Jakarta. Indonesia
    1997. Joint Art Exhibition. Old Wanaka Jail House. Wanaka. Aotearoa NZ
    1996. Power Passion Paint. Art Exhibition. Wanaka. Aotearoa NZ




    Burmuda Productions 

    At this time I teamed up friends Robyn Bardas & Helene Richardson & formed `Burmuda productions. Through this small business we produced calendars and diaries which we filled with black and white photography of our Wanaka and Hawea Community. It was a great time of fun and laughter driving around to different houses and taking shots of people in incredible locations and in some fantastic garb.

    2000 `Black & White Photograph' of the local community. Wanaka & Hawea
    `Black & White Calendar' of the local community. Wanaka & Hawea
    1998 `
    Black & White Calendar & Diary' of the local community. Wanaka & Hawea
    1997 `Nude Black & White Calendar' of the local community. Wanaka & Hawea

    Academic Study

    Tanette Hickey
    (Dg Mgmt; Dip Counselling; Dip Social Services; Dip Life Coaching)

    • Diploma Social Services: Otago Polytechnic. Aotearoa~NZ 
    • Diploma of CounsellingOtago Polytechnic. Aotearoa~NZ 
    • Diploma of Life Coaching: Life Coach Associates: Christchurch. Aotearoa~NZ 
    • Degree Parks and Recreation, Tourism Management: Lincoln University. Aotearoa~NZ