Therapeutic Massage, Programmes, Courses, Circles & Workshops To Nourish Your Inner Well-being

Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand

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Tanette & The Tiny Temple For Well-being 
Offering You Nourishing Pathways, Support & Step By Step Solutions For Your Ongoing Well-being 

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Deep Tissue . Ultimate Relaxation . Hot Stone . Sacred Pause 

Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand
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'Unbelievably amazing ! Every Massage I get from Tanette is the best massage I`ve ever had! Client 2017

"Tanette gave me the best massage I've ever had! Made me feel so comfortable, cannot recommend The Tiny Temple enough!" Client 2017

For Your Personal Change. Alignment, Clarity, Direction & Transformation

Personal Well-being VIP 1 Day Programme
Personal Well-being 6 week Programme
Personal Well-being  90 day Programme

"I loved my transformational sessions with Tanette.  Her style is very kind and gentle, yet she is also not afraid to pin me to the wall!  Her deep intuition tells her when I am fudging or hiding something and she won’t let me away with it – in a very gentle and positive way.  A very honest and real experience.  The result?  Greater connectedness, a more pure sense of purpose and more joy in life!  Truly a transformational adventure!!" Client 2017

The Tiny Temple For WELL-BEING


Offering, classes, circles, workshops, retreats & pathways to enhance your personal well-being.
Giving you space & time to Retreat while also learning techniques which support you to THRIVE, these include; 
Cleansing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualisation, Journaling & More



1-7 Day Women`s Well-being Retreats held in Wanaka, NZ. 
Personally Designed For Individuals & Groups.

Wanaka . Aotearoa . New Zealand

"A really amazing experience, very real and down to earth but very inspirational with achievable steps to put into my life to help me get back onto the right journey" "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life" Spring Retreat Guest 2015

Global TRIBE 

Movement & Meditation

2 hour TRIBE Movement Meditation Classes designed to allow you to move your body to global beats, release tension, stretch, align & enjoy the WELL-BEING of  your body, mind and spirit

Aotearoa . New Zealand

"So good to turn up and move my body to such fantastic music and feel my spirit find space to BE FREE .. thank you so much"

Triber 2016