For People 25 Years Upwards

Online or In Person /  VIP Day  .  6 Week  .  3 Month

For People 24 Years & Younger

Online or In Person /  1/2 VIP Day  .  3 Week 



"Tanette listens and she is kind. I got so much out of my sessions. Tanette is intuitive, spiritual, calm, courageous, intelligent, fun and compassionate. I was safely taken on an insightful journey that opened up alternative pathways for me. Tanette is gifted and I wish she lived in my hood. Thank you Tanette for supporting me on my journey and showing up in my life at a really pivotal time." Client 


"Tanette’s worked with me a couple of times and each time she was incredible in helping me relieve stress and emotionally work through all my problems. An awesome listener and a clear guide. Thank you Tanette and 10/10 recommend if you need some guidance in decisions to make in your life." Client 

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Are you feeling it is time for your next level of authentic possibilities?

You are here to evolve on many levels and to discover & share your unique nature with this world in the most authentic way that feels right for you. 
To not do so firstly means you cease to thrive into the fullness of who you are & secondly the world misses out on the true gifts you are here to joyfully contribute.
Indications that it is time for you to expand into your next level may include experiencing;

  • Feeling Stuck / Resentful/ Overwhelmed
  • Depression / Mental Anxiety/ Addiction / Envy
  • Feeling & Playing Small
  • Exhaustion
  • Focused on whats not going right instead of what you are wanting to create
  • Supporting Others But Not Your Self
  • Feeling Inauthentic & Incongruent 
  • Ill Health 
  • Lack Of Direction
  • Lack Of Joy & Feelings Of Love
  • Skimming Across The Surface Of Life 


Results Of `Doing Your Personal Work`

Making a commitment to `show up for yourself' & to consciously evolve into the next level of who you want to be takes decision, courage and determination.  

With the decision to tap into a deeper connection with self, heal old wounds, gain clarity and take action towards what you are wanting, outcomes can include:

  • Creating  & Living by Your Own Formula For A Successful Life Defined by You
  • An Increased Level Of Prosperity & Contribution 
  • Finding Joy In The Small & Large Moments
  • Deeper More Fulfilling Relationship With Self & Others
  • Living Day To Day Authentically & Inline With your Own Integrity
  • Clarity,  Focus & Action Towards Creating Your Own Unique Life 
  • Increased Courage, Confidence & Visibility
  • A Healthy Thriving Body & Mind
  • Waking Up Excited For Your Day & Your Life
  • Increased Moments Of  Fun, Joy, Laughter & Love


For People 24 Years & Up


This personal programme specifically offers you the opportunity to find the clarity, courage, pathways and momentum to move from where you are now into a new level of expansion & expression.

 Depending on what you are seeking, this programme will give you the opportunity to digest new insights, move through blocks and take steps towards the next level of possibility you are wanting to create for yourself

Available For All Genders & Aged over 24 
1 Day, 2 x 1/2 Days, 6 Weeks
Can be held In Person, Via Zoom or Via Telephone


For People 24 Years & Younger


The focus  of the WILD COMPASS Personal Programme For Youth is to support the young individual to: 
Discover ways to access their AUTHENTIC nature.
Learn to clarify & articulate what is happening within themselves 
 Become clearer around who they are as an individual 
Identify what they are naturally interested in
 Find tools to navigate through the `wild waters' of youth 
Feel empowered to make choices that support their intuition & insight
Learn to take responsibility for the choices they make
Take action to create the experiences they dream of 

Navigating youth is normally a turbulent time for most people  on one level or another.
These sessions are designed to be fun, creative, expansive and life changing. 





You are able to work with Tanette in person at her office based in  Wānaka, New Zealand. Or in another location as personally organised.
Wānaka. Aotearoa ~ New Zealand 


The Zoom platform gives you the advantage of working with Tanette from any place in the world and being able to use video &/or just audio as required


The option of  undertaking this work over the telephone is available only to individuals living in Australia or New Zealand




9am - 12.00
includes small  breaks

1 &1/2  hour break for lunch

1.30 - 4.30 pm 
includes small breaks

A Great Option For Individuals who only have a small window of opportunity to do this work 

2 X 1/2  VIP DAY

DAY 1. 
 9am - 12.30
includes  small breaks

DAY 2. 
9am -12.30
includes small  breaks

A Great Option For Individuals who only have a small window of opportunity to do this work 


Booked in over 6 weeks 

Session 1: 1 x 60  min.

Session 2: 1 x 60  min.

Session 3: 1 x 60  min.

Session 4: 1 x 60  min.

Session 5: 1 x 60  min.

Session 6: 1 x 60  min.

A great Option For Individuals wanting to bring an idea into action and make long term changes



(Degree Parks and Recreation Management; Diploma of Life Coaching; Diploma of Counselling; Diploma Social Services)

 Hello, my name is Tanette Hickey & I am the facilitator of these programmes, offering you intuitive & professional support for your personal development & expansion. 

 It has been such an exciting & rewarding journey over the last 15 years to have supported hundreds of people to step into their next level of who they were wanting to be both personally and professionally.  

If the programmes above resonate with what you are looking for I would love to meet you and support you on your journey to creating the Authentic life you are wanting to experience.  
please scroll down & book in below for an introductory 60 min Well-Being & Possibility Session.
 I look forward to meeting you soon 

Warm wishes Tanette

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"I would like to thank Tanette for helping me realise not only my own worth but finding my happiness again. I wasn’t comfortable opening up and expressing my true feelings but as soon as I walked in I felt completely welcome and at ease and i walked out feeling ready to tackle my life the way I have always wanted to but always to scared to because of fear. I honestly can not thank her enough for making me realise what my true worth is and I can say whole heartily that as hard as it was to get through those barriers and fight the terrible hard times I’ve come through and feel the best I’ve ever felt. If you have any doubts still give it a go because I did and I couldn’t be more happier and thankful. My whole world has changed dramatically but she showed me it for the better and I’ll never ever forget that. 
She is an absolute blessing and I feel extremely great full to have met her."Client


This woman is incredible. Such a grounding, nurturing and wise woman. She has been my counsellor through many hard periods of my life and I would recommend her to everyone!Client


"Visiting Tanette in her Tiny Temple of Wellbeing has been one of the great things I’ve experienced since my move to Wanaka.... Whether it’s massage, a retreat, Tarot, meditation circle, green juice advice or any advice for that matter - I’ve found Tanette to be extremely intuitive, caring and holistic in her healing approach.Client


"Tanette is an amazing healer, teacher, and intuitive worker. Her approach is direct yet empathetic, spiritual, supportive and power enhancing.Client


"....She (Tanette) listened and acknowledged my feelings but wisely didn't allow me to dwell- she snapped me out of my 'woe is me' mood, by guiding me to realise I have options, I can choose to blame or I can do something about it! Her proactive approach resonated with the 'old me'. She supported me to look at what I needed to be happy personally, and take action to get these things in my life.  The turnaround was quick, the questions she used broke my pattern of thinking and made me take control of my life....... I am now feeling optimistic, am looking forward to the future and have got my enthusiasm for life back -YAY! I have lost 9kg so I feel good about myself and have started studying towards a new career, that I am excited about. Thank you for your guidance Tanette.Client


"Tanette was able to extract the essence of what I was seeking to express through my creative venture. From there we were able to find ways together to support these ideas into a reality. At times the path changed a little and there were bumps along the road which were skilfully managed and she kept me going through the challenging bits. It is an ongoing process for me, however, I now have a good springboard from which to launch and with Tanette’s help most importantly a clear vision. An added extra bought to the coaching is a wonderful perspective on life and a rich wisdom that I really enjoyed.Client


" I have completed Tanette's extraordinary powerful and empowering "Clarity Direction Inner Wellbeing" personal one to one program for women. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to work so closely with her. I have also joined her in her meditation night classes. Tanette gently guided me through meditation and awoken me to a few hidden blocks. After completing her 6 week course, I feel I have the skills and tools to recognise and change my unwanted thoughts, achieve clarity and so much more. Through our guided one on meditation session, I've learnt how to connect with my higher self and now know how to continue to achieve that connection. She still surprises and delights me spiritually. Thank you always Tanette for your guidance and truth.Client


"I went to see Tanette for many reasons.... which really took me to a level of knowing I that needed to do some more inner soul searching & healing. I wanted to take a new path of future happiness and strength, become unstuck form many patterns that I have been stuck with since childhood .... It was time to do the work and be free of my old thoughts. I embarked upon a 6 week course. This was a mixture of therapy, some massage, meditation and some tarot cards - it was my choice as to how the session would run and what was needed at that time. It became clear that after 6 weeks I was really making huge leaps in my life and general well being. My thoughts and patterns that not only didn't serve me - they held me back - I was learning with the guidance of Tanette to just let go. I took another 6 weeks of guidance - some meditation and many hours filled with words of wisdom. I believe that I am forever changed, happier, more fulfilled and grounded than I have ever been. This wholesome approach filled with love and care was just what I needed and I can recommend Tanette at her Tiny Temple for Well being to anyone who wishes to become unstuck and to change.Client


"Tanette - Thank you for being such a real guiding light for me.  You have connected me back to what life is really about, and most importantly, have showed me a doorway to my heart and ever existing abundant love.Client


"I loved my transformational sessions with Tanette.  Her style is very kind and gentle, yet she is also not afraid to pin me to the wall!  Her deep intuition tells her when I am fudging or hiding something and she won’t let me away with it – in a very gentle and positive way.  A very honest and real experience.  The result?  Greater connectedness, a more pure sense of purpose and more joy in life!  Truly a transformational adventure!!" Client


"As a teacher you are clear & inspiring and also wonderfully directive when necessary - always feels right.Client


"I was searching for guidance, healing, and a greater connection. I was stuck in the past, I also carried a lot of guilt, self loathing and I had no sense of purpose or direction. Tanette entered my life. With her gifts of wisdom, knowledge words of expression, strong intuition, she connected with me, she gently guided me and even walked with me through tough transformation. She taught me to recognise my tricky mind, to meditate and to become connected with myself and to experience spiritual growth. Tanette's gentleness, non-judgmental manner and strong connection and intuition helped me to achieve my goals, taught me to move forward and shed what I no longer needed so that I can see the lakes and mountains not just one or two stones." Client


"A really amazing experience. Very real and down to earth but very inspirational with achievable steps to help me get back onto the right journey." Client


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Held via Zoom or Telephone Call


This Initial Introductory Well-Being & Possibilities Session offers you the opportunity to meet with Tanette and bring an area of focus within your life that you are wanting to change.  The intention is for your chosen focus to be the starting point of what you would like to deep dive into if you were to go on to do a VIP Personal Programme This may include letting go of the past and moving into a more expansive future or it may involve moving into the next layer of possibility that you are already creating 

In this session you will be taken through a step by step process which is specifically intended to give you Clarity & Insight surrounding where you are and the next steps for you to take to move forward
This session  allows Tanette the insight into what you are currently experiencing within yourself and where you may be stuck or needing elevation.  

This Introductory Session also allows both you and Tanette to see if you are a good `fit' to work together.
At the end of the Introductory session if you are both in agreement that a VIP Well-Being & Possibilities VIP Programme is your next step, payment & scheduling details will be discussed. You will be emailed an invitation with the appropriate link for you to enroll into your Personal Well-Being & Possibilities Programme. 




$150 NZ$

You Will Receive

  • 1 X 60 Min. Session via Zoom or Telephone 
  • Access to a live guided process to access a deeper level of yourself
  • Guidance towards personal Insight & Clarity regarding a chosen area of focus in your life
  • Insight & Strategies from Tanette to support your growth around your chosen focus
  • An opportunity to enrol in a life defining VIP Personal Programme which will support you to create your next level of desired Well-being &/or Possibilities

Access To A Tanette`s Private Facebook Group containing pre recorded meditations for well-being & possibilities