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Why Personal Development ?

You are here to evolve on many levels and to discover & share your unique nature with this world. To not do so firstly means that others miss out on the true gift that you are but more importantly you personally cease to thrive & feel fulfilled. 
Indications that it is time for you to expand into your next level may include experiencing;

  • Feeling Stuck / Resentful/ Overwhelmed
  • Depression / Mental Anxiety/ Addiction / Envy
  • Feeling & Playing Small
  • Supporting Others But Not Your Self
  • Feeling Inauthentic & Incongruent 
  • Ill Health (The mind might lie but the body will not)
  • Lack Of Direction
  • Lack Of Joy & Feelings Of Love
  • Skimming Across The Surface Of Life  
Results Of `Doing Personal Work`

Making a commitment to `show up for yourself' & to consciously evolve into the next level of who you wish to be can be a` life changer'.  With the decision to tap into a  deeper connection with self, heal old wounds, gain clarity and decide to take action, outcomes can include;

  • Waking Up Excited For Your Day
  • Creating  & Living by Your Own Formula For A Successful Life 
  • An Increased Level Of Prosperity & Contribution 
  • Finding Joy In The Small & Large Moments
  • Deeper More Fulfilling Relationship With Self & Others
  • Living Day To Day Authentically & Inline With your Own Integrity
  • Clarity,  Focus & Action Towards Creating Your Own Unique Life 
  • A Healthy Thriving Body & Mind
  • Increased Moments Of Fun, Joy, Laughter & Love



Step 1 : Accessing Inner Well-being
Learning To Step Aside From The Mind & Tap Into Inner Well-Being, Healing, Intuition & Insight 
Step 2 : Creating New Possibility
Consciously Assessing & Mapping Personal Purpose, Clarity, New Possibilities & Direction
Step 3 : Taking Aligned Action
Letting Go Of Old Habits, Beliefs & Situations Which No Longer Serve You & Taking Aligned Action To Create A lIfe You Love

" I have completed Tanette's extraordinary powerful and empowering "Wellbeing Personal One to One program" for women. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to work so closely with her. I have also joined her in her meditation night classes. Tanette gently guided me through meditation and awoken me to a few hidden blocks. After completing her 6 week course, I feel I have the skills and tools to recognise and change my unwanted thoughts, achieve clarity and so much more. Through our guided one on meditation session, I've learnt how to connect with my higher self and now know how to continue to achieve that connection. She still surprises and delights me spiritually. Thank you always Tanette for your guidance and truth.Client



(Dg Mgmt; Dip Counselling; Dip Social Services; Dip Life Coaching)

 Hello my name is Tanette Hickey & here I offer intuitive & professional support for your next level of  personal expansion.  I am a qualified Well-Being Coach, Counsellor & Facilitator bringing over 15 years of client experience to each session.
Within these pages are a selection of Well-Being & Possibilities Programmes, Classes & Retreats for increased clarity, healing, insight, expansion & direction.  If you are interested to work with me or would like further information please
ph 0064 0 212622049
or email
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"I was searching for guidance, healing, and a greater connection. I was stuck in the past, I also carried a lot of guilt, self loathing and I had no sense of purpose or direction. Tanette entered my life. With her gifts of wisdom, knowledge words of expression, strong intuition, she connected with me, she gently guided me and even walked with me through tough transformation. She taught me to recognise my tricky mind, to meditate and to become connected with myself and to experience spiritual growth. Tanette's gentleness, non-judgmental manner and strong connection and intuition helped me to achieve my goals, taught me to move forward and shed what I no longer needed so that I can see the lakes and mountains not just one or two stones." Client 


"I went to see Tanette for many reasons.... which really took me to a level of knowing I that needed to do some more inner soul searching & healing. I wanted to take a new path of future happiness and strength, become unstuck form many patterns that I have been stuck with since childhood .... It was time to do the work and be free of my old thoughts. I embarked upon a 6 week course. This was a mixture of therapy, some massage, meditation and some tarot cards - it was my choice as to how the session would run and what was needed at that time. It became clear that after 6 weeks I was really making huge leaps in my life and general well being. My thoughts and patterns that not only didn't serve me - they held me back - I was learning with the guidance of Tanette to just let go. I took another 6 weeks of guidance - some meditation and many hours filled with words of wisdom. I believe that I am forever changed, happier, more fulfilled and grounded than I have ever been. This wholesome approach filled with love and care was just what I needed and I can recommend Tanette at her Tiny Temple for Well being to anyone who wishes to become unstuck and to change.Client


"....She (Tanette) listened and acknowledged my feelings but wisely didn't allow me to dwell- she snapped me out of my 'woe is me' mood, by guiding me to realise I have options, I can choose to blame or I can do something about it! Her proactive approach resonated with the 'old me'. She supported me to look at what I needed to be happy personally, and take action to get these things in my life.  The turnaround was quick, the questions she used broke my pattern of thinking and made me take control of my life....... I am now feeling optimistic, am looking forward to the future and have got my enthusiasm for life back -YAY! I have lost 9kg so I feel good about myself and have started studying towards a new career, that I am excited about. Thank you for your guidance Tanette.Client 


"Tanette was able to extract the essence of what I was seeking to express through my creative venture. From there we were able to find ways together to support these ideas into a reality. At times the path changed a little and there were bumps along the road which were skilfully managed and she kept me going through the challenging bits. It is an ongoing process for me, however, I now have a good springboard from which to launch and with Tanette’s help most importantly a clear vision. An added extra bought to the coaching is a wonderful perspective on life and a rich wisdom that I really enjoyed.Client

"As a teacher you are clear & inspiring and also wonderfully directive when necessary - always feels right."Client 


"I loved my transformational sessions with Tanette.  Her style is very kind and gentle, yet she is also not afraid to pin me to the wall!  Her deep intuition tells her when I am fudging or hiding something and she won’t let me away with it – in a very gentle and positive way.  A very honest and real experience.  The result?  Greater connectedness, a more pure sense of purpose and more joy in life!  Truly a transformational adventure!!" Client 

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“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”
Eckhart Tolle

Well-Being & Possibilities .  Wānaka, Aotearoa - New Zealand . Ph +64 0212622049