Classes, Circles, Workshops For Your Well-being


A 21 Day 

2 Hours Weekly x 6 Weeks For Young Women 15-18 years

2 Hours Weekly x 6 Weeks

4 Hours Once a Month x 5 Months

1 Day Well-Being Retreats
Held Monthly

 Note that these Classes, Circles, Workshops & Retreats are generally `Feminine & Heart Based' in their approach and have historically attracted women as a general rule. If you are male and resonate with what is offered here please feel welcome to also register your interest.

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The Tiny Temple For Well-Being

Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand


The Intention of this JUICE QUEST is to offer people an informative & supportive environment to experience incorporating green juice as a cleansing and nutritional tool into your day to day life over 21 DAY period of time. With the intention of becoming more energised, lighter, focused & joyful in your everyday life. 

Prerequisites for this JUICE Quest:

  • Anybody over 16 years is welcome to partake in this JUICE Quest
  • No previous experience of juicing is necessary
  • You may have learnt juicing techniques in the past but would like to use this 21 days to reintroduce a Juicing Practice
  • If you have a medical ailment please consult your health practitioner first
  • Personal responsibility to do further homework for yourself if you are unsure about any aspect of this Juicing Quest
  • You must take full responsibility for the juices you choose to create & ingest & their effects on your body, using your personal knowledge and intuition regarding your own body and its individual needs and requirements as a compass.
This Quest is for you if you are:

  • Wanting to utilise the natural invitation of warmer weather to experience a gentle body cleanse 
  • Feeling heavy &/or lethargic in your body after and would like to feel lighter ... maybe physically loose some weight
  • Are relying on stimulants for energy such as coffee, tea, chocolate etc and would like to switch over to a cleaner, more high nutrient clearer energy source
  • Maybe just wanting to `dip your toe in' and just learn & experience The benefits of  Green Juice
  • Wanting to learn theoretical & practical techniques surrounding juicing, cleansing and setting up a day to day juice habit
  • Wanting to utilise the support of a group to make your Juicing Quest a success

Benefits Will Vary With Each Individual & May Include: 

  • Increased Energy
  • Clearer Focus and Mental Agility
  • A natural tendency for the body to attain its optimal healthy weight
  • Less cravings for alternative energy stimulants such as caffeine, sugar etc..
  • Increased levels of overall Well-being & Joy
  • Experiential knowledge around Green Juice as a nutritious source for cleansing and nourishing the body
  • A greater experiential understanding regarding fresh food and its value as an energy source
  • Group Support, Accountability (If Wanted) & Encouragement

The Tiny Temple For Well-Being

Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand

 2 Hours Weekly x 6 Weeks
For Young Women aged 15 - 18 years


This Workshop is currently being designed, if you or someone you know, ie. your daughter, friend etc may be interested in this Workshop please fill out the form here with your details and you will be contacted when the workshop begins.


The Tiny Temple For Well-Being

Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand

 2 Hours Weekly x 6 Weeks


The Intention of the FLOWER CIRCLE is to further nourish and develop a mindfulness and meditation practice within your life while also being offered creative tools for Self Development

Prerequisites for the FLOWER CIRCLE

  • You have completed one of the following: a Tiny Temple SEED Class, A Personal Well-being Programme or a Women`s Well-being Retreat with Tanette.
  • (Or) you have an already established meditation & mindfulness practice or awareness learnt elsewhere which you are currently nourishing
  • Have a current understanding/experience & use of Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques
  • Are on a journey of personal transformation & well-being and are wanting to explore other tools that support your well-being
  • *Please note this is a non-religious meditation & all religious and non religious orientations are welcome
This FLOWER CIRCLE is for you if you are wanting to:

  • Experience & Enjoy guided Meditation, Mindfulness & Visualisation
  • Wanting to continue to learn both theoretical and practical applications of Meditation, Mindfulness & Visualisation
  • Delve into personal development techniques for your ongoing growth and expansion
  • Are interested to discover personal development tools such as, Journalling, Changing limiting beliefs, Archetypes, etc
  • Would like the support and joy of a like minded group of people
 Benefits include:

  • Reduced stress &/or anxiety
  • Enhanced peace of mind 
  • Increased levels of overall Well-being
  • New ways of perceiving yourself and the world
2018 Flower Circle Dates
Tuesday Evenings 7-9 pm : 6 week blocks

Circle 1. Aug 7th - Sept 11th : 6 weeks  Winter/Spring  (Full) 
Circle 2. Sept 25th - Oct 30th : 6 weeks Spring (Closed/Full)

(Open For Registration Now) 
Nov 6th - Dec 4th: 5 weeks  Spring/Summer 
 Investment $100 

2019 Flower Circle Dates

Tuesday Evenings 7-9 pm : 6 week blocks

Circle 1. 22nd Jan - 26th Feb : 6 weeks  Summer
Circle 2. 12th March - 16th April : 6 weeks  Autumn
Circle 3. 30th April - 4th June : 6 weeks  Autumn/Winter
 2 Months Off To Hibernate Over Winter 
Circle 4. 6th August - 3rd Sept : 5 weeks  Winter/Spring
Circle 5. 17th Sept - 22nd October: 6 weeks  Spring
Circle 6. 5th Nov - 10th Dec : 6 weeks  Spring/Summer

"Take the opportunity to do one of Tanette`s Retreats if you have the chance. It was wonderful and very special. I was able to gain clarity and focus on where i am going and how to get there." Spring Retreat Guest 

"It is so easy to do nothing to make changes in your life and when you are in it, you can`t always see how. By coming to do this retreat and learning new tools and sharing with others i can make some changes towards a new `me' vision. If you do what you always did you get what you always got." Retreat Guest 

"A great way to make your soul sing. Tune into your wisdom and live your life, love fully." Retreat Guest 

"If you want to really connect with yourself, and find the passion again that makes you feel life is going where you want it to go. Take the time- you are important-get your `juice back'- Go on retreat. Nothing to lose EVERYTHING to gain." Retreat Guest 

"Awesome adventure in knowing yourself and drawing a path to realising your dreams" Retreat Guest 

" Mind is quiet, soul feels light, heart is bursting. Feeling fully recharged and inspired" Past Retreat Guest

"Something I particularly loved was just the group of women and conversations we had during sessions......... something I really needed- so thank you for letting things go there" Thank you , thank you thank you!!! "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life" Retreat Guest 

"Tanette has a great gift for leading people. Her approach is soft and gentle" "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life" Retreat Guest 

"A really amazing experience, very real and down to earth but very inspirational with achievable steps to put into my life to help me get back onto the right journey" "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life"  Retreat Guest 

"I would recommend a Retreat for any woman who wants to become more real, more connected to her inner being and sacred self"

 " I am so grateful for this retreat. It has helped me nourish my mind, body and soul.  A much needed break from the whirlwind I was living. An opportunity to centre, reconnect and re-access my life on all levels.  I am leaving with a clear vision and renewed strength and confidence.  Thank you so much for your authenticity, wisdom, and knowledge.  I look forward to meeting again and again and again". Retreat guest

The Tiny Temple For Well-Being

BLOOM Circle/Workshop
Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand

4 Hours x Once a Month x 5 Months 


The Intention of the BLOOM is to offer a potent platform for `Like Minded & Like Hearted` Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Creators, Change Makers in the Wanaka/Hawea NZ community to come together in a Monthly Mindfulness & Mastermind Workshop. 

This Circle / Workshop will offer a structured time for 4 hours every 4 weeks giving you the opportunity to align with your vision & pour your attention & time into your 'Offering' (Idea, Vision, Business Project etc). Encouraging you to stay Aligned, Clear, Committed & Supported as well as encouraging momentum to build.


Prerequisites for the BLOOM Mindfulness & Mastermind Circle / Workshop

  • You have completed one of the following : a Tiny Temple SEED/FLOWER Class/Circle, A Tiny Temple Personal Well-being Programme or a Women`s Well-being Retreat with Tanette.
  • (Or) you have one of the following: an already established; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual or awareness practice learnt elsewhere which you are currently nourishing. Please note this doesn't have to be a day to day practice rather a depth that you are cultivating, however that looks for you.
  • *Please note this is a non-religious group & all religious and non religious orientations are welcome
This BLOOM Mindfulness & Mastermind Circle / Workshop is for you if :

  • You have an Offering (vision, gift, idea, project, small business, message) that you are wanting to share with the community &/or world
  • Your Offering is based upon an inner desire to enhance well-being, creativity, joy &/or health for others & the Earth
  • You have yet to put your Offering out to the world but are ready to take action steps
  • You have already put your Offering out to the world but would enjoy some external support to stay aligned, focused & action orientated
  • You would like to continually access, clarify and stay aligned with your idea
  • Become aware and move through sabotaging beliefs that are holding you and your offering back 
  • You would like to continually take aligned actioned steps to creating your idea
  • You would like to connect & share with a group of like minded/hearted creators on a monthly basis
 Benefits include:

  • Conscious directed time to nourish and grow your Offering
  • Continual clarity & alignment with your vision
  • Support to take ongoing steps of ACTION
  • Accountability by the group (if wanted)
  • Celebrations of Successes & Victories 
  • Support, Insights, Inspiration from others in the group
  • Being part of a like Minded/Spirited TRIBE

Open: Now taking Registrations for 1st 1/2 of 2019  
4 hours x every 4 weeks (Includes 5 Circles / Workshops over 5 Months)
2 x Yearly Intakes 

BLOOM  Dates: 
2nd 1/2 of 2018 
Sundays 9am - 1pm

# 1/5:  August 12th 2018 Winter
# 2/5:  Sept 9th 2018  Spring
# 3/5:  Sept 30th 2018  Spring
# 4/5: October 28th 2018 Spring
# 5/5: Nov 25th 2018  Spring
2018 Is Now Closed For Registration
BLOOM  Dates: 
1st 1/2 of 2019 
Sundays 9am - 1pm

# 1/5:  Jan 20th  2019 Summer
# 2/5:  Feb 17th  2019 Summer
# 3/5:  March 17th  2019 Autumn 
# 4/5:  April 14th  2019  Autumn
# 5/5:  May 12th 2019  Autumn
(These dates may be subject to 
2019 Open For Registration Now
BLOOM  Dates: 
2nd 1/2 of 2019 
Sundays 9am - 1pm

# 1/5:  Aug 11th  2019  Winter
# 2/5:  Sept 8th  2019  Spring
# 3/5:  Oct 6th  2019  Spring
# 4/5:  Nov 3rd  2019 Spring
# 5/5:  Dec1st  2019  Summer
(These dates may be subject to change)
2019 Open For Registration Now

The Tiny Temple For Well-Being

Tiny Retreats For Well-Being
Wanaka ~ Aotearoa ~ New Zealand

  Held Once A Month on Saturdays 10am - 4pm 


The Intention of The Tiny Retreats is to give people a monthly opportunity to take `time out' from their everyday life to still the mind, stretch & nourish the body, find inner peace and alignment & head back to their lives with a sense of deeper well-being & tools to enhance their day to day life. 
 Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement & Visualisation techniques will be shared as tools as well as working with the changing sessions and their various attributes.

Prerequisites for A Tiny Retreat For Well-Being:

  • Anybody over 16 years is welcome to partake in A Tiny Retreat
  • There really are no prerequisites to this Retreat. This Retreat is for us to all come together to experience aligning with our inner well-being through meditation & other tools
  • You may be a complete beginner to Meditation & Mindfulness
  • You may have learnt techniques in the past but would like to rekindle your awareness 
  • *Please note this is a non-religious meditation & all religious and non religious orientations are welcome
This Tiny Retreat is for you if you are:

  • Wanting time to Replenish & Rejuvenate 
  • Experiencing a busy mind and are wanting to quieten the busy-ness of the mind
  • Wanting to learn some simple meditation & mindfulness techniques
  • Experiencing overwhelm, stress, anxiety
  • Experiencing restless sleep patterns 
  • Maybe just wanting time out and a chance to `fill up your cup of well-being' 
  • Wanting an opportunity to establish or re-establish a day to day meditation practice 
 Benefits include:

  • Reduced stress &/or anxiety
  • Enhanced peace of mind 
  • Increased levels of overall Well-being & Joy
  • Group Support
2019 Tiny SEED Retreat Dates

Tiny SEED Retreat 1. 26th  Jan: Summer
Tiny SEED Retreat 2. 16th Feb: Summer
Tiny SEED Retreat 3. 16th March: Autumn
Tiny SEED Retreat 4. 13th April: Autumn
Tiny SEED Retreat 5. 4th May: Autumn 
Tiny SEED Retreat 6. 10th August. Winter
 2 Months Off To Hibernate Over Winter 
Tiny SEED Retreat 7. 7th Sept: Spring
Tiny SEED Retreat 8. 5th Oct: Spring
Tiny SEED Retreat 9. 2nd Nov: Spring
Tiny SEED Retreat 10. 30th Nov: Spring

"I  came to this course completely exhausted, my mind was constantly on the go, negative thinking had become an ingrained habit and the worry of "what if" scenarios that ran through my mind everyday was taking it's toll.  Meditation and mindfulness had been something I explored on my own previously, but unsuccessfully.  So when I found out that Tanette was running a 6 week course I didn't hesitate to sign up.  I really didn't know what to expect and was perhaps a little intimidated by the thought of it all (again worrying!), but as soon as I arrived to The Tiny Temple For Well-being I felt only warmth and acceptance.  That first night Tanette guided our circle of women through 2 types of meditations, I found her words struck a cord with me and the tone of her voice very soothing and encouraging. I can honestly say there were moments when I felt totally at peace with myself and completely "in the present moment".  It was if a light had been switched on, an awakening, within a week I began to look and pay attention to how I reacted to everyday situations. I felt calmer, my head seemed clearer and I wasn't so stressed out.  I have even started to meditate at home by myself.  The course has been an amazing experience and I can honestly say a highlight of my week, I really enjoy meditating in a group and sharing our experiences.  I am only just starting my journey into meditation/mindfulness and am excited to see where it/Tanette will take me.  I've already signed up for the next course and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has ever considered doing anything like this. Tanette is a wonderful teacher, with a wealth of knowledge that she genuinely enjoys sharing with others." 2018

"If you are overwhelmed, too busy, too tired, too stressed, this retreat is for you!! Blessings on the practical and abundant tools offered ..... A great way to reaffirm your path!" Past Retreat Guest 

"Tanette radiates calm energy and a sense of knowing.  I feel secure and inspired each time she leads us in a meditation.  Her deep understanding of meditative practices enables her to skilfully knit together trust, expansiveness and presence every time she gathers us together in a circle." 2018  

"I sought out a meditation class because my thought processes were chaotic, I was overthinking and experiencing stress and anxiety as a result. Through Tanette's class and her calm and sensitive guidance, I have embarked on a journey of learning how to manage my thoughts and reach a state of calm and peacefulness within myself. This is transforming my life and how I interact with others. I have more focus and a greater sense of positivity and inner well-being. An unexpected bonus has been that the quality of my sleep has improved. I have found that I can calm my mind for sleep better and if I wake through the night, I no longer toss and turn for hours, but can return to sleep much more quickly." 2018

"I have recently moved to Wanaka from Southland, where I left a circle of women who regularly gathered to share parts of ourselves in a circle setting.  I was very grateful to find a group of women here who find nourishment through the same practice.  It makes Wanaka feel more like home.Each meditative experience strengthens my spiritual understanding of the practice.  Tanette provided yet another hue, another dimension, to my cache of experiences.  When she shared her understanding of the mandala, my own understanding increased tenfold. Belonging to a meditation group supports my personal meditation practices and beliefs immensely.  We are all one.  We do not exist in isolation.  Meditation circles are a physical reminder of this fact.  Regular interaction with like-minded beings and guidance by a skilled teacher help me navigate my emotional cargo ship through the mini dramas of my life and the lives of the people I love.  There's huge benefits in that." 2018


Hi, I`m Tanette and the Facilitator of The Tiny Temple Well-being Classes, Circles & Workshops.
It is with my utmost joy that I am able to offer these various platforms to encourage and support you towards `Creating A Life You Love" whatever that looks like for you. I have been offering various platforms for personal development over the last ten years in many shapes and forms and am continually amazed & delighted at the 'Magic and Jewels' that are created in peoples lives when a group comes together.  For more information about me including past Retreats, Qualifications, Professional Experience etc please click here

and I look forward to meeting with you soon x Tanette


21 DAY
including 7 hours Workshop Time


2 hours weekly  
 X 6 week 

Investment to be confirmed

2 hours weekly  
 6 week 
FLOWER Circle 

4 hours monthly 
5 month 
Circle / Workshop
 Investment discussed upon application

Investment to be confirmed


Payment To be made in full upon Registration via Internet Banking

Group Numbers
Group numbers are limited to approx. 12 people
If you miss out on this group you will be added to the top of the waiting list for the next course and any payment you have made will be reimbursed until the next course begins

Payment can be made by Internet Banking
Bank Details:  Tanette Hickey 02-0576-0052444-000

Payment Plan
I would be grateful if the full payment can be made upon registration. If however that is not financially possible for you at this time there is the opportunity, if needed to set up a payment plan weekly, if you would like to request this please indicate on the form below and you will be emailed through details. Please understand that once you register,  the full amount needs to be paid regardless of if you turn up to each class or not.

If you do not currently have the funds to attend one of these Offerings but would really like to be a part of one, The Tiny Temple For Well-being has a Scholarship programme running, currently offering one free scholarship per class.

If you are feeling `super abundant` and would like to sponsor another person to partake in a six week Course please indicate in the registration form below and..... Many Thanks on behalf of another !!


The Tiny Temple for Well-being, 
10 A Anderson Road, 
Wanaka NZ

Registration Form

To register your interest for the SEED, FLOWER or BLOOM Offerings please fill out your details below 
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