A 3 Day Magical Women`s RETREAT

Wanaka . Aotearoa . New Zealand

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Individual & Group Women`s Well-Being Retreats
Wanaka ~ Aotearoa - New Zealand

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If you are a woman who is wanting to...

  • Enhance your current level of  Well-Being through attention to mind, body & spirit 
  • Establish or re-establish a morning Well-Being Practise
  • Learn or Re-establish  simple techniques to find 'peace of mind' through the practice of mindfulness
  • Gently stretch your body with `doable' Yoga techniques & Mindful Movement
  • Re-align & Rejuvenate your passion & purpose
  • Navigate with clarity and purpose the next steps towards your goals & dreams
  • Have 'time out' from your everyday routine to replenish you Self & your energy

...then this Retreat is for you 

If you are feeling or are experiencing some of the following...

~Needing time to re-align your Self
~Feeling tired and stressed and lacking peace of mind, possibly also resulting in depression or anxiety
~Needing some inspiration & motivation &/or a `call to action'
~Wanting to create and/or enhance a daily routine of well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually
~Wanting to orientate your year with some directed purpose
~Knowing it is time to step into the next chapter of your life & wanting some support & clarity to do so
~Uncertainty of your current purpose
~ A current  feeling of 'stuckness'
~Feeling physically uncomfortable in your body and wanting a change
~Or just needing to connect in with yourself & clear away the cobwebs

...Then theis Retreat invites you to take this opportunity to peel back any unwanted layers and move into your natural balance of  well-being & inspiration. This retreat offers the opportunity to invest in yourself & gather the support, methods & guidance to expand you further into health, direction, peace & joy.

A Sample Schedule 
For Your Personal Retreat

Your Retreat time is designed before you arrive so you are receiving exactly what you are needing for your personal Well-Being. The schedule can be set out however you choose and below is a sample of what this may look like. A personal Retreat can run anywhere from 2 -7 days depending upon your requirements.
Arrive to your chosen Retreat Residence

Evening 1 
Evening Session: Meet with Tanette & discuss the Schedule for your stay
which will have been designed before your stay

Day 2

Breakfast @ your residence or local cafe

Morning sessions or Free Time

Lunch 12.00pm - 2.00pm
 (Lunch can be catered for or you can head to one of the amazing Wanaka Cafes)

Afternoon Sessions or Free Time

Evening Break
 (Dinner can be catered for or you can head to one of the fantastic Wanaka Restaurants)

Evening Session 7-9pm or Free Time

Day 3... Day 4.... Day 5....
Personal Well-being Sessions With Tanette Can Include

Well-being Coaching/Counselling 
Health & Well-being Self Care Plan
Therapeutic Massage
Meditation & Mindfulness
Tarot & Archetype Guidance
Organised Sessions With Other Well-being Practitioners May Include

Nutritional Coaching
Unorganised Free Time May Include

Organised Free Time May Include

Wine tour
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Guided Walks
Heli Sking
Horse Treking 

Your Retreat Facilitator

Tanette Hickey
Qualifications: Degree Parks and Recreation Management; Diploma of Life Coaching; Diploma of Counselling;

Hello my name is Tanette and it is my joy & pleasure to be able to have this opportunity to meet with you on Retreat and experience a time of such richness, health & expansion.  Running retreats and offering a platform for well-being, transformation, and fun is amongst one of my top passions in life & I find great reward in supporting others to move into their inspiration, dreams & potential. On retreat I am able to share with you an array of powerful tools and techniques that I have gathered, used and learnt from over time, which have supported myself and others to create enhanced well-being and a life of full of adventure and expansion.  For more information about myself and what has inspired my life and my offerings please click here


The Tiny Temple For Well-being Retreats is Tanette Hickey`s Personal Well-being & Retreat Platform. Tanette has been one of the leading Transformational & Well-being Retreat Providers within Aotearoa/ New Zealand, having supported hundreds of women from different parts of the world enhance their personal well-being and take action towards making their ideas & dreams a reality. Establishing Retreats over 9 years ago in 2009, Tanette has co-created Women`s Retreat Platforms including, Red Retreats, Retreats For The Soul & SHINE Retreats.

  • 2017 /2018 Currently Offering Personally Designed Programmes & Retreats For Your Own Individual Well-being
  • 2016 'The Art of Creating A Life You Love ' 4 day Workshop/RetreatRetreats For The Soul. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ 
  • 2015 'The Art of Creating A Life You Love ' 3 day Workshop/RetreatRetreats For The Soul. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ 
  • 2015 `Create Your Life' Workshop/RetreatRetreats For The Soul. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ 
  • 2014 `Spring Women`s Well-being Retreat'Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ 
  • 2014 `Mindfulness Meditation Retreat'. Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2013 `Spring Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2013 `Nature, Nurture, Nutrition' Retreat. Retreats For The Soul. Waihōanga Centre for Well-being. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2013 `TRIBE Teenage Creative Workshops. Newtown. Wellington.  Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2013 `Autumn Women`s Wellbeing Retreat'. Red Retreats. Riverslea Retreat Centre. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2012 `Spring Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Red Retreats. Riverslea Retreat Centre. Wellington. Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2010 `Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Red Retreats. Lookout Lodge . Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ
  • 2009 `Women`s Well-being Retreat'. Red Retreats. Lookout Lodge. Wanaka. Aotearoa ~ NZ  


Hear What Past Retreat Participants Have To Say

"A really amazing experience, very real, down to earth and inspirational, helping me to get back onto the right journey"
Previous Retreat Guest

"It is so easy to do nothing to make changes in your life and when you are in it, you can`t always see how. By coming to do this retreat and learning new tools and sharing with others I can make some changes towards a new `me' vision.
 If you do what you always did you get what you always got."
 Spring Retreat Guest 2015

"An important work for women & sisterhood. A place and space for nourishment and clarity with hearts open and love shared."
 Retreat Guest 2015

"A great way to make your soul sing. Tune into your wisdom and live your life, love fully."
Previous Retreat Guest


Wanaka ~ Aotearoa- NZ

Welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth..... Wanaka  Aotearoa ~NZ

We are very grateful to have a place that holds so much adventure, beauty, space, peace & joy to invite you to retreat.  
Wanaka & Hawea is about taking time to allow nature and source to fill your soul and remind you who you are here to be.




Depending Upon Your Budget there are many incredible places to stay in Wanaka, and so it is up to you to choose and book in the accommodation that you would like. Here are some links below that will help guide you to some fantastic accommodation.
Te Wanaka Lodge Bed & Breakfast. Ph +64 3 443 9224 
beautiful Lodge in the middle of town, the tariff includes a continental and fully cooked breakfast for each person. Prices include all applicable taxes. Rates are per room, per night for double/twin share. $55.00 NZ for an extra person in cottage.

  • Lodge $220.00 a night 1-2 people
  • Cottage $270 a night 1-2 people
Air B & B Wanaka 

Click here to find a fantastic place within the budget you are wanting to spend

Oak Ridge - Pictured to the left click here for full information


Dining Out & Delicious Food in Wanaka

Wanaka is know for its incredible number of amazing cafes and restaurants that serve delicious, healthy and divine tasting food. Here is a list of our top 7 food places (in no particular order)



Please Note: Transport too and from your Retreat is not included in your investment and is your own responsibility to book in and pay for.

If flying into New Zealand the nearest international airport is Queenstown which is 1 hours drive from Wanaka. There is also a Wanaka domestic airport

The two closest cities are Christchurch (5 hours drive from Wanaka) & Dunedin (3 & 1/2 hours drive from Wanaka)

To Book flights within New Zealand the most common airlines are 
Air New Zealand or Jetstar

To travel from Queenstown airport to Wanaka you can either:
Catch  a shuttle with Alpine Connexions or Connectabus 
Hire a car with  New Zealand Rent a Car,  Thrifty Car Rentals, or  Budget Rent a Cars
Retreat Discovery Call  & Investment
Retreat Application & Investment

The Tiny Temple Well-Being RETREATS  is committed to offering you a Retreat which provides you with the Well-being solutions, knowledge & experiences you are looking for at this time. 

Step 1. The first step towards booking your Retreat is  a `Retreat Discovery Call'  which helps both you and Tanette to identify if the Retreat can cater for what you are looking for and gives you time to ask questions & to see if it is a right 'fit' for you. You can do this by:

  • A. filling out a short on-line application for a Complimentary 30 Minute `Retreat Discovery Call'  with Tanette 
  • or  B. you may book a Retreat Discovery Call by phoning The Tiny Temple For Well-being on 0212622049 and making a time for the call.

 Step 2. If on 'The Retreat Discovery Call' both agree the Retreat is right for you Tanette will share your options for completing your investment during the phone call)

Request For A `Retreat Discovery Call'


Many Thanks & Look Forward To Meeting you On Retreat Soon