Well-Being & Possibilities Programme 


Are you a Business Owner, Leader &/or Manager and see the need to support & elevate the Well-being & Possibilities of yourself & your staff 

As an Leader within the workplace would you like to:
  • Elevate your own personal Well-being so as to turn up as the best version of yourself 
  • Re-access & tweak your own personal Well-being habits 
  • Feel empowered to step confidently into the next level of your own personal possibilities, dreams & aspirations
  • Access & maintain clarity around the vision & direction of your business/team
  • Maintain a mindset that stays connected to positive outcomes 
  • Have the internal capacity to respond rather than to react to external situations
  • Lead by example and continue to step into & reflect Well-being to your team 

If this interests you a 
Women In Leadership Well-being & Possibilities Programme 
may be for you....



Well-Being & Possibilities

1 X 90. Min Session 

 In Person (Wānaka - NZ)
 or Remote (Via Zoom or Telephone)
Facilitated by Tanette Hickey

Well-Being & Possibilities

VIP 1 Day . 2 x 1/2 Day . 6 x Weekly    

 In Person (Wānaka - NZ)
 or Remote (Via Zoom or Telephone)
Facilitated by Tanette Hickey



Are you wanting change & knowing it is time to do your personal work? 
(even if you are feeling the resistance!)

You are here to evolve on many levels and to discover & share your unique nature with this world in the most authentic way that feels right for you. 
To not do so firstly means you cease to thrive into the fullness of who you are & secondly the world misses out on the true gifts you are here to joyfully contribute.
Indications that it is time for you to expand into your next level may include experiencing;

. Feeling Stuck / Resentful/ Overwhelmed
. Depression / Mental Anxiety/ Addiction / Envy
. Feeling & Playing Small
. Exhaustion
. Focused on whats going wrong instead of what you are wanting to create
. Supporting Others But Not Your Self
. Feeling Inauthentic & Incongruent 
. Ill Health 
. Lack Of Direction, Confusion
. Lack Of Joy & Feelings Of Love
. Skimming Across The Surface Of Life 

Or you may just be feeling pulled towards creating the next chapter of your life story 

What benefits would I experience from stepping into to 
The Well-Being & Possibilities Personal Programme?   

Making a commitment to `show up for yourself' & to consciously evolve into the next level of who you want to be takes clarity, decision, courage and determination.  

With the decision to tap into a deeper connection with self, heal old wounds, gain clarity and take action towards what you are wanting can create outcomes which include:

. Creating & Living by Your Own Formula For A Successful Life Defined by You
. An Increased Level Of Prosperity & Contribution 
. Finding Joy In The Small & Large Moments
. A Deeper More Fulfilling Relationship With Self & Others
. Living Day To Day Authentically & Inline With your Own Integrity
. Clarity, Focus & Action Towards Creating Your Own Unique Life 
. Increased Courage, Confidence & Visibility
A Healthy Thriving Body & Mind
. Waking Up Excited For Your Day & Your Life
. Increased Moments Of  Fun, Joy, Laughter & Love


Held In Person; via Zoom; or via Telephone
Facilitated by Tanette Hickey

This transformational programme is specifically crafted by Tanette to your personal needs at this time. Offering you the opportunity to find the clarity, courage, pathways and momentum to move from where you are now into a new level of expansion & expression.

Depending upon what you are seeking, this programme will give you the tools to access new insights, heal, move through blocks and take steps towards the next level of who you deeply know yourself to be.


Your 1ST Step... Book

Your 2ND Step... Book  

Held In Person; via Zoom; or via Telephone
Facilitated by Tanette Hickey

This Initial Introductory Well-Being & Possibilities 90. min Session offers you the opportunity to meet with Tanette and bring an area of focus within your life that you are wanting to change.  The intention is for your chosen focus to be the starting point of what you would like to deep dive into if you were to go on to do THE WELL-BEING & POSSIBILITIES PERSONAL PROGRAMME.
 This may include letting go of the past and moving into a more expansive future or it may involve moving into the next layer of possibility that you are already creating 

This session is a stand alone process which is specifically intended to give you Clarity & Insight surrounding where you are and what you are wanting to change and move into.  The session also allows Tanette to gain insight into what you are currently experiencing, where you may be stuck & what steps are needed to create the change you are wanting.  

Your 3RD Step... Enrol in


The Introductory Session allows both you and Tanette to see if you are a good `fit' to work together.
At the end of the Introductory session if you are both in agreement that The Well-Being & Possibilities Personal Programme is your next step, 
Investment & Scheduling details will be discussed. You will then be emailed an invitation with the appropriate link for you to enroll into the programme




90. min SESSION

$150 NZ

This Well-being & Possibility Session is the first session needed before entering into The Well-Being & Possibilities Personal Programme

Your session can be
1.1 In Person
1.1 Via ZOOM
1.1 Via Telephone



9am - 12.00
includes small  breaks

1 &1/2  hour break for lunch

1.30 - 4.30 pm 
includes small breaks

A Great Option For Individuals who only have a small window of opportunity to do this work 


2 X 1/2  VIP DAY

DAY 1. 
 9am - 12.30
includes  small breaks

DAY 2. 
9am -12.30
includes small  breaks

A Great Option For Individuals who only have a small window of opportunity to do this work 



Booked in over 6 weeks

Session 1: 1 x 60  min.

Session 2: 1 x 60  min.

Session 3: 1 x 60  min.

Session 4: 1 x 60  min.

Session 5: 1 x 60  min.

Session 6: 1 x 60  min.

A great Option For Individuals wanting to bring an idea into action and make long term changes



Wānaka NZ

You are able to work with Tanette in person at her office based in Wānaka, NZ. Or in another location as personally organised.

1:1 Online / Remote

The Zoom platform gives you the advantage of working with Tanette from any place in the world and being able to use video &/or just audio as required

1:1 Remote

The option of  undertaking this work over the telephone is available only to individuals living in Australia or New Zealand




(Degree Parks and Recreation Management; Diploma of Life Coaching; Diploma of Counselling; Diploma Social Services)

 Hello, my name is Tanette Hickey & I am the facilitator of  
offering you intuitive & professional support for your personal development & expansion. 

 It has been such an exciting & rewarding journey over the last 15 years to have supported over a thousand people to step into the next level of who they were wanting to be both personally and professionally.  
If the programme above resonates with what you are looking for I would love to meet you and support you on your journey to creating the 'Authentic Life' you are wanting to experience. 
The first step is to book yourself into
at the bottom of the page. Please scroll down to read reviews from past and current clients & then book in your session

 I look forward to meeting you soon Warm wishes Tanette

For More Information About Tanette Please Click Here



5 Star Reviews For
The Well-being & Possibilities Personal Programme

Dave 2022 
5 star client review

"I was lucky enough to meet Tanette at very difficult period in my life – a crossroads if you will. I was struggling to live in the present and ruminating too much about past mistakes and endeavours.

I was also struggling to form a clear vision of what I wanted my future to look like.
My overall wellbeing was in disrepair.

Within a few minutes of talking to Tanette I knew I had landed in the right place.
Her communication style immediately set me at ease.
Tanette is extremely well researched, consequently has a wealth of knowledge, life experience and empathy to make her an outstanding resource and wellbeing practitioner for anyone who is looking for some guidance in their life.

By the end of my first session Tanette had clearly articulated a pathway back to wellbeing and the steps required to get there. Over the several sessions that followed she presented a host of ideas, tools, and pragmatic solutions to the issues I was looking to resolve.

Tanette seamlessly helped me change my perspective on a number of key things in my life and put me back in the drivers seat. Learning how to take control again was one of the most valuable lessons from these sessions.

Spending time with Tanette was profoundly rewarding for me. I was able to complete a ”factory reset” and have gone on to achieve a number of personal goals I momentarily lost sight of.

I would highly recommended Tanette to anyone who is out of sorts or at odds with themselves, but also anyone who is looking to transform thinking patterns, or elevate themselves into a different space.

Don’t hesitate - just book some time with her." 

2022 5 star client review 

"I started working with Tanette at The Tiny Temple 5 years ago after a recommendation from a friend. I had just experienced some big grief events that triggered a bit of a personal breakdown, which led to an awareness of not only past unhealed grief/trauma, but also that I had strayed so far from who I was meant to be.

I dove into my first 6 week session, (we’ve done about 5 of these over the 5 years) and the work has been invaluable! Tanette has an amazing ability to sit and observe, to listen and to hold space, and to know what you need. And gives you the odd poke when she knows you are ready to face yourself!

I have learnt a tremendous amount from Tanette and healed my past traumas around losing babies and my grief around not having had my own. I’ve learnt about meditation and by using the mandala, seeing how we get pulled away from our centre, and about the abundance of life force within us, when we are in balance (I used to think darkness and drama was my inspiration!) I’ve learnt about the power of particular words and their frequencies, and how such simple changes of behaviours and actions can have the biggest impact on our lives. We reignited the creative fire inside of me and so many of my lessons are all poured into my artworks that came out of this period. To be honest, if I try to recall who I was prior to this work, I can hardly remember, as now I am so strong in myself, grounded and clear, I know about boundaries and am much better at them, I am productive, calm and happy…and excited about my future. Some grief never fully heals, but now I know how to allow those feelings to flow through me if they arise, and I no longer get pulled under nor wallow in a pity party. I am owning my life and all the steps, good or bad, that got me to who I am today!
I truly cannot recommend Tanette enough... best to be brave and go deep, life on the other side of healing is a beautiful thing.

2022 5 star client review

"Tannette is wonderful! A genuinely caring person, with some incredible skills in picking apart issues and helping find pragmatic ways forward. She is a great listener and I trust her entirely. I’ve already recommended her to lots of people and would highly rate her skills and intuition. Tanette is highly qualified to help and has great interpersonal connection. 10/10 from me. After a few sessions I made some very positive life changes"

2022 5 star client review

"I would give Tanette the highest rating. I reached out to Tanette when I was at my lowest. She guided me to reconnect with myself and self worth in a way that was compassionate, loving and showed deep understanding of what I needed individually. I have never worked with a practitioner of this calibre, who can intuitively connect with a person and what they need at that time. I am deeply grateful to Tanette for her wisdom and empathy. Tanette cares. Simple."

2022 5 star client review

"I couldn’t get on top of stress from work. I felt trapped in a hole, and I was definitely digging deeper binging on food. I was overweight, getting larger and starting to get health issues from going up and down with food. I was in constant panic about being so out of control in my mind and body.

Tanette is really strong in her self-kindness. She taught me it is a strength anyone can grow and when you are kind to self you make loving decisions for your life. She helped me remember a healthier self-view and choose practical ways of looking after myself that worked best for me.

I have been able to break free from the biochemical ups and downs of eating too much sugar and markedly increased the healthy live foods I put into my body, mainly because I feel more kind towards self. Having a level blood sugar has put me in a much better place mood-wise.

It has been invaluable having Tanette so strongly alongside while I was going through intense self-doubt trying to adopt these new ways. I feel I have control of things again.

Being kinder to self has made me naturally feel and act kinder to myself and others. I am much more social and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had access to Tanette when I was feeling so trapped and lost. Thank you Tanette!! Feel like I have been able to come home xx"

2022 5 star client review

"Tanette has a positive, spiritual and educated approach to her coaching. I have spent many hours with Tanette being guided for my personal growth and healing. I found myself stuck in a cycle of grief and many decades of negative beliefs, Tanette lifted the layers and gave me the tools and wisdom to make changes which have been life changing. Life coaching and goal setting with Tanette propelled me to start a new business. What has been the most valuable is to be able to go back to Tanette at the Tiny Temple to keep being supported and honest with old patterns and new challenges that arise in our journey of life. Very Grateful."

2022 5 star client review

"I would recommend Tanettes course to anyone. She is a talented lady who has a wonderful ability to help bring out what you want and help you set goals and heal things that have been holding you back from achieving all you can be and more. I left each session truly connected and clear about achieving what I needed to do. I still use all the skills she gave me to work with. I often read over my journal I made with her to make sure I am still on track. I know anyone that works with Tanette will feel truly blessed to have chosen to do so.

One of the things that is great about Tanette is that she is both supportive, while still holding you accountable for your own life situations. Sessions with Tanette have always left me in a positive headspace and feeling empowered in understanding what I can do for myself."

2022 5 star client review

"I have had regular counselling sessions with Tanette from the Tiny temple of well-being. I was finding that in my life I could regularly be drawn back into past stories and that was affecting me being able to enjoy my present day. I don’t know about other people but by the time I reached out for counselling I was really struggling.
In our first session I felt immediate relief. With Tanette I was able to see my patterns of thinking and learned how to plan and move forward in my life with joy and excitement. I was able to see myself with kindness and forgiveness in a way that had felt impossible all the years leading up to our sessions.
I have had so many benefits from counselling. On a personal level being able to feel happy within myself has allowed me to share more joy with my family.
I can look back at events in my past with compassion and understanding.
Tanette has many techniques and ideas that I found to be life changing- allowing a deeper connection to myself, others and the planet.
My favourite part of the sessions with Tanette is she is incredibly accepting of anything I have to say. I was constantly surrounded by her unwavering kindness. It has spilled over into my own life and I can be kinder to myself and more accepting of others.
Having regular support is life changing. I really benefit from knowing that this is a continuous process where i can keep learning with support and guidance. I feel lighter, I have a lot of hope. This is a huge change from where I started."


2022 5 star client review

"When I first met Tanette I felt I had lost my way. I was struggling with overwhelming emotions and grief which were affecting my work and home life. Tanette gently and carefully offered the empathetic hand I needed, sharing her wisdom to help me out of my hole.
Over the years of coaching Tanette had opened up my horizons to what can be possible if you leave the past behind and use your strengths and values to live in the present and create a positive future. Her invaluable insights helped seed the thoughts which have got me to where I am today.

I’ve have moved from a place where pain was my daily struggle - both physically and emotionally - to a place where I cope well and continue to thrive through adversity. Her teachings have helped me to help others as an employer and now a leader and well-being advocate for my industry where other have similar struggles to my own.
Coaching with Tanette has brought joy back into my life, my work, my relationships with the ones I love and help me fuel and focus on my future ambitions.
Tanette takes you on a journey of discovery in a safe and supported way, empowering and growing you at each session with a unique ability to tailor her service to the person in her space. I would recommend to anyone who has struggled with therapists or counsellors in the past to work with Tanette as she sees caring and support holistically due to her wealth of knowledge, ongoing curiosity and experience. Our journey continues.

2022 5 star client review 

"I began a 6 week program with Tanette as I neared the end of treatment for cancer. Chemo slowly broke me down bit by bit until I finally let go of work and striving for achievement. My diagnosis had shaken me to the core, treatment was both physically and mentally transformative. I had a deep sense of gratitude for this new perspective, but was also fearful that I would return to work and get sucked back into the rat race, with old habits surfacing - self-criticism and feelings of 'not good enough' that result in working too hard. I wanted to rebuild my life at a slower pace, with self-compassion, free from anxiety and the need to control everything. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Tanette to achieve this.

Tanette's style is direct and compassionate. Highly empathetic and observant, she was quickly able to identify patterns that weren't serving me. She was also able to shine a light on my greatest strengths, giving me confidence and deeper self-awareness. Tanette has numerous techniques and frameworks that helped me move forward. She is a talented meditation teacher and I was able to reconnect and deepen my practice under her guidance. Her holistic approach has left me with many actionable strategies to heal and rebuild my life, both personally and professionally. Tanette has an uncanny ability to hold space, create a sense of safety, whilst also inviting me to rise up to my full potential. I continue to be moved and inspired by the work we did together. She has had a profound impact on my life."

Thank you Tanette. You are a gift to the world."




$150 NZ$

To Book An 
Introductory Well-Being & Possibilities Session 
Please Fill in The Enrolment Form Below 
Phone 0212622049

You Will Receive

  • 1 X 90 Min. Well-Being & Possibility Session via Zoom or Telephone 
  • Access to a live guided process to access a deeper level of yourself
  • Guidance towards personal Insight & Clarity regarding a chosen area of focus in your life
  • Insight & Strategies from Tanette to support your growth around your chosen focus
  • An opportunity to enrol in The Well-Being & Possibilities Personal Programme which will support you to into the next level of transformation that you have been desiring
  • Access To A Tanette`s Private Facebook Group containing pre recorded meditations for well-being & possibilities


Please make your payment by internet banking to the account given below.

Bank details are:

Account Name: T Hickey (via Hnry)
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