The Vibrant & Healthy Everyday Goddess Series

Aotearoa. NZ Tour

The 'Everyday Goddess'

1 Day Wellness Workshop

With Tanette Hickey


This Wellness Workshop is for GIRLS, DAUGHTERS, MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS, with all levels of health & physical well-being who are wanting to experience

Increased Energy & Vitality in Mind, Body and Spirit

This workshop offers a time out from the every day routine to come together and experience fun and inspiration while gathering gems of wisdom for enhanced well-being.

The day offers easy practices, methods and support with teachings that are based on remembering & reigniting our natural pathways to health. 

This Workshop offers Practical Solutions & Natural Techniques To:


The content shared in this workshop combines current updated knowledge as well as wisdom that has been passed down from generations but forgotten in our fast paced world. 

You will come out of this work shop feeling inspired & ignited to create a small 'day to day' practice/routine which leads you in the direction of Health, Peacefulness, Direction & Happiness

This workshop will give you increased knowledge and methods of 

Day to Day Natural Health & Wellness to take home and share with your partner, family and friends.

P.S...... Our well-being & vibrancy fluctuates throughout our lives, sometimes we feel healthy  and heading in the right direction & sometimes go through periods of illness, feeling maybe heavier than we want, and off track. It doesn`t matter where on the spectrum you currently are.  If you would like to feel inspired & make some changes to enhance & kick start your current level of well-being while enjoying the process, this workshop is for you.

I look forward to meeting you soon



The Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' 
Great  Aotearoa NZ Tour 2017/2018

1st Stop.. Fiordland!

The Vibrant & Healthy 

Fiordland 'Everyday Goddess'

1 Day Wellness Workshop  
with Tanette Hickey
Date: Sunday 24th September 2017 
Location: Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn. Fiordland New Zealand


Are You An 'Everyday Goddess' Who Is Wanting To..

  • Be Inspired to Create  'Habits of Health' that are enjoyable, easy & long lasting
  • Feel Vibrant & energised & delighted with your health & weight
  • Feel comforatble within your body
  • Experience `Peace of Mind` & increased levels of ease & happiness
  • Find clarity and purpose towards the next steps of your goals & dreams
  • Be a part of a supportive network of women who support your continual growth 
...then this Wellness Workshop is for you

Are You Experiencing Some Of  The Following

  • Feeling physically uncomfortable in your body and wanting to loose weight in a natural sustainable way
  • Feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed
  • Experiencing anxiety & or depression
  • Needing some clarity inspiration & motivation 
  • Wanting to create and/or enhance a daily routine of well-being
  • Knowing it is time to step into another chapter of your life & wanting some support & clarity to do so
  • Lack of discipline to achieve what you are really wanting to experience causing a feeling of 'stuckness'
  • The desire to connect with other people who will support your growth
......Then this 1 Day Wellness Workshop offers you the opportunity to invest in yourself & gather the support, methods & guidance to attain greater  health, abundance & happiness

As Featured In The Press Below


The Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' 

Wellness Workshop Experience
with Tanette Hickey

In This 'Everyday Goddess Wellness Workshop You Will Be Offered The Experience Of:

...An Inspiring, fun & informative day dedicated to igniting your own natural desire to SHINE with health, vitality & joy on a `day to day' basis

.......Solution based methods to let go of overwhelm & stress, increasing peace of mind  & achieving deeper sleep patterns

....Increasing your energy levels, maintaining a healthy weight naturally & ongoing stable levels of vibrancy 

....Easy 'step by step' processes & information to set up an enjoyable & easy
 Daily Morning Wellness Routine/Practice

.... Bringing attention & clarity to your greater dreams a purpose

....A supportive & fun community to help you activate the visions and goals you are desiring




The 'Everyday Goddess'  1 Day Wellness Workshop 
will be held at over the following times:
(please note session times may vary due to session content on the day) 

The 'Everyday Goddess' 1 Day Wellness Workshop

Session 1
9am - 10.30am

Morning Tea (provided)
10.30am - 11 am 

Session 2
11am - 12.30 

12.30 - 1.30pm
 (Bring your own lunch or lunch can be bought locally see below for local suggestions)

Session 3
1.30pm - 2.30pm

Afternoon Tea (Provided)
2.30pm - 3

Session 4
3 - 4.30 pm

4.30 Workshop Ends

Please note if you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay it is your own responsibility to book your accommodation and it is not included in the price of the Workshop. Local suggestions of places to stay are indicated below


Experience an 'Everyday Goddess'  

Personal One to One VIP  Nourishment Session

60 min. 90min or 2 hours

These sessions are optional and are offered as part of The Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' Series.
 Tanette will be available 'In Person' for these VIP Sessions up to 4 days after the 'Everyday Goddess' 1 Day Wellness Workshop.
The aim of these sessions is to 

have some 'Individual Time For You' which is based solely around gathering the specific support that you require to be aligned with your personal Health & Well-being


You are invited to choose one or two modalities below to nourish yourself & enhance your personal well-being 
Personal 'Coaching' Well-being Session
Deep Tissue or Deep Relaxation Therapeutic Massage
`Sacred Pause' Therapeutic Massage 
consisting of  a Deep Relaxation Massage combined with Energy Healing ( Especially for people who are experiencing illness, stress &/or trauma)
'WILD UNKNOWN' Tarot Guidance Session


What Participants Have To Say About Past Workshops & Retreats

  "Something I particularly loved was the group of women & conversations we had during sessions and in lunch time breaks ..... something I really needed -so thank you for letting things go there. Thank you, thank you, thank you"!!! Previous Retreat Guest 

"Mind is quiet, soul feels light, heart is bursting. Feeling fully recharged & inspired" Previous Retreat Guest

"Awesome adventure in knowing yourself and drawing a path to realising your dreams" Previous Retreat Guest

 "A really amazing experience, very real, down to earth and inspirational helping me to get back onto the right journey" Previous Retreat Guest

"It is so easy to do nothing to make changes in your life and when you are in it, you can`t always see how. By coming to do this retreat and learning new tools and sharing with others I can make some changes towards a new `me' vision.
 If you do what you always did you get what you always got." 
Spring Retreat Guest 2015

"A great way to make your soul sing. Tune into your wisdom and live your life, love fully." Previous Retreat Guest


Your Facilitator

Tanette Hickey

(Degree Management; Diploma of Life Coaching; Diploma of Counselling; Diploma Social Services)

Hello my name is Tanette and it is my joy & pleasure to be able to have this opportunity to meet with you on this Wellness Workshop and experience a time dedicated to health & vitality.  Running Workshops & Retreats and offering a platform for well-being, transformation, and fun is amongst one of my top passions in life & I find great reward in supporting others to move into their health, inspiration, dreams & potential. Within this workshop I am able to share with you an array of powerful tools and techniques that I have gathered, implemented and learnt from over time. These tools & methods have supported myself and many others to create enhanced health & vitality and a life of full of adventure and expansion. 

 For more information about myself and what has inspired my life click here.

The Great 'Vibrant & Healthy NZ ' Everyday Goddess' Tour 2017/2018

The 'Everyday Goddess' Wellness Workshop is being taken 'On Tour' with the aim of sharing 'Easy Day to Day' Techniques of Health & Vitality with the Women & Communities of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Fiordland is currently the 1st stop and moving on from there.

These Workshops require a minimum of 12 ' Everyday Goddesses' to be able to run so please gather up your, friends, family, mothers and daughters and come and experience a day of health, inspiration & learning.

If you have a business, community or group where you would like to have this workshop offered please contact Tanette Hickey on 0212622049 or Email:

Location . Dates . Venue . Accommodation . Cafe 


FIRST STOP: Manapouri . Fiordland . Aotearoa . NZ

Date:  24th September (Workshop)

       25th- 28th September (Personal One to One Nourishment Sessions)

Venue: The Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn Function Room
Address: 68 Cathedral Drive, Manapouri, New Zealand . 
Phone: 0800 89 62 62 or +64 3 249 6652

Accommodation: If you are needing a break away and wanting to stay in Manapouri before or after the workshop we suggest that you book in at the Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn, where the Workshop is being held. The Inn caters to all your needs with attractive & comfortable rooms. Please book in advance as the Goddess Workshop takes no responsibility for accomodation requirements

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: If you are wanting to buy breakfast, lunch &/or dinner the Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn has a delicious Cafe & Restaurant dining available. This is suggested for lunch-time at 12.30pm on the day of the workshop, if you are not bringing your own lunch. 



Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' 1 Day Wellness Workshop

Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' 
1 Day Workshop

 Full Investment

$249.00 per person

Registration & Payment before
(Fiordland After Sept 18th 2017) 


Full Payment Upon Registration. Please see Terms and conditions on the registration form

Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' 
1 Day Workshop

Early Bird Investment

$199.00 per person

Save $50.00 pp
off the full investment

Register & Payment before 
(Fiordland Sept 18th 2017) 

Full Payment Upon Registration. Please see Terms and conditions on the registration form

Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday Goddess' 
1 Day Workshop

 Bring A Friend Early Bird Investment

$169.00 per person
 Save $80.00 pp
off the full investment

Register & Payment before 
(Fiordland Sept 18th 2017) 

Full Payment Upon Registration. Please see Terms and conditions on the registration form

Vibrant & Healthy 'Everyday' Goddess 
1 Day Workshop

Payment Plan

4 x consecutive weekly payments of 


1st Payment Upon Registration. Please see Terms and conditions on the registration form


 'Everyday Goddess' Personal VIP Nourishment Sessions
(If you are unable to attend the workshop but would still like to book a VIP Goddess Nourishment Session you are welcome to book a session)


Individual Sessions
@ The Tiny Temple For Well-being

1 x 60 Min $95.00

1 x 90 Min $130.00

1 x  2 Hour $187.00

Save $15.00 per session

 Full Payment Upon Registration. 

You Will Experience:

A combination of therapeutic modalities chosen by you that will best help your personal Health & Well-being at this time..... priceless

 Times & Dates Available
(Fiordland Sunday 24th Sept 2017)
'Everyday Goddess' 1 Day Wellness Workshop
DAY 2 
(Fiordland Mon 25th Sept 2017)
9 am - 11 am  Unavailable
12 pm - 'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
3 pm -  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
Day 3
 (Fiordland Tues 26th Sept 2017)
9 am  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
12 pm  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
3 pm  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
(Fiordland Wed 27th Sept 2017)
9 am   'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
12 pm  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
3 pm  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
(Fiordland Thurs 28th Sept 2017)
9 am  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
12 pm  'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session 
3 pm 'Everyday Goddess'  Personal VIP Nourishment Session  


Registration Form & Payment Details  

Register below for both the 'Everyday Goddess' 1 Day Wellness Workshop 
&/or A Personal VIP Nourishment Session
Please scroll down the form below & fill out your details (the payment details are in the registration form


Opportunities For Further Long-term Ongoing Wellness Support With Tanette

Personal Coaching With Tanette 
Online or In Person

The Vibrant & Healthy Goddess 
Personal VIP DAY

The Vibrant & Healthy Goddess  
`Get Back On Track' Personal 6 Week Programme

The Vibrant & Healthy Goddess  
'Committed to Change' Personal 90 Day Programme

An opportunity to be considered first upon application for the

`The Art & Adventure of Creating A Life You Love' 
4 Day Goddess Retreat 

with Tanette Hickey & Lee Ball 
also including guest facilitators