From Past Retreat Guests and Personal Clients


"I  came to this course completely exhausted, my mind was constantly on the go, negative thinking had become an ingrained habit and the worry of "what if" scenarios that ran through my mind everyday was taking it's toll.  Meditation and mindfulness had been something I explored on my own previously, but unsuccessfully.  So when I found out that Tanette was running a 6 week course I didn't hesitate to sign up.  I really didn't know what to expect and was perhaps a little intimidated by the thought of it all (again worrying!), but as soon as I arrived to The Tiny Temple For Well-being I felt only warmth and acceptance.  That first night Tanette guided our circle of women through 2 types of meditations, I found her words struck a cord with me and the tone of her voice very soothing and encouraging. I can honestly say there were moments when I felt totally at peace with myself and completely "in the present moment".  It was if a light had been switched on, an awakening, within a week I began to look and pay attention to how I reacted to everyday situations. I felt calmer, my head seemed clearer and I wasn't so stressed out.  I have even started to meditate at home by myself.  The course has been an amazing experience and I can honestly say a highlight of my week, I really enjoy meditating in a group and sharing our experiences.  I am only just starting my journey into meditation/mindfulness and am excited to see where it/Tanette will take me.  I've already signed up for the next course and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has ever considered doing anything like this. Tanette is a wonderful teacher, with a wealth of knowledge that she genuinely enjoys sharing with others." 2018

"I have recently moved to Wanaka from Southland, where I left a circle of women who regularly gathered to share parts of ourselves in a circle setting.  I was very grateful to find a group of women here who find nourishment through the same practice.  It makes Wanaka feel more like home.Each meditative experience strengthens my spiritual understanding of the practice.  Tanette provided yet another hue, another dimension, to my cache of experiences.  When she shared her understanding of the mandala, my own understanding increased tenfold. Belonging to a meditation group supports my personal meditation practices and beliefs immensely.  We are all one.  We do not exist in isolation.  Meditation circles are a physical reminder of this fact.  Regular interaction with like-minded beings and guidance by a skilled teacher help me navigate my emotional cargo ship through the mini dramas of my life and the lives of the people I love.  There's huge benefits in that." 2018

"Tanette radiates calm energy and a sense of knowing.  I feel secure and inspired each time she leads us in a meditation.  Her deep understanding of meditative practices enables her to skilfully knit together trust, expansiveness and presence every time she gathers us together in a circle." 2018  

"I sought out a meditation class because my thought processes were chaotic, I was overthinking and experiencing stress and anxiety as a result. Through Tanette's class and her calm and sensitive guidance, I have embarked on a journey of learning how to manage my thoughts and reach a state of calm and peacefulness within myself. This is transforming my life and how I interact with others. I have more focus and a greater sense of positivity and inner well-being. An unexpected bonus has been that the quality of my sleep has improved. I have found that I can calm my mind for sleep better and if I wake through the night, I no longer toss and turn for hours,but can return to sleep much more quickly." 2018

"Take the opportunity to do one of Tanette`s Retreats if you have the chance. It was wonderful and very special. I was able to gain clarity and focus on where i am going and how to get there." Spring Retreat Guest 

"It is so easy to do nothing to make changes in your life and when you are in it, you can`t always see how. By coming to do this retreat and learning new tools and sharing with others i can make some changes towards a new `me' vision. If you do what you always did you get what you always got." Retreat Guest 

"Tanette has taught me mindfulness over a period of several years, both one on one, and in group sessions.  The techniques she teaches have helped me calm my over active mind, thus creating a sense of peace and joy in my daily life.  I would recommend mindfulness techniques for everyone, and suggest a daily practice to reduce life`s stress, tension and negativity"  Past Client

"If you are overwhelmed, too busy, too tired, too stressed, this retreat is for you!! Blessings on the practical and abundant tools offered by the team! A great way to reaffirm your path!" Retreat Guest 

"An important work for women & sisterhood. A place and space for nourishment and clarity with hearts open and love shared." Retreat Guest 

"A great way to make your soul sing. Tune into your wisdom and live your life, love fully." 
 Retreat Guest 

"If you want to really connect with yourself, and find the passion again that makes you feel life is going where you want it to go. Take the time- you are important-get your `juice back'- Go on retreat. Nothing to lose EVERYTHING to gain." Retreat Guest 

"Awesome adventure in knowing yourself and drawing a path to realising your dreams" Retreat Guest 

" Mind is quiet, soul feels light, heart is bursting. Feeling fully recharged and inspired" Past Retreat Guest

"Something I particularly loved was just the group of women and conversations we had during sessions and in lunch times & breaks..... something I really needed- so thank you for letting things go there" Thank you , thank you thank you!!! "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life" Spring Retreat Guest 2015

"Tanette has a great gift for leading people. Her approach is soft and gentle" "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life" Retreat Guest 

"A really amazing experience, very real and down to earth but very inspirational with achievable steps to put into my life to help me get back onto the right journey" "At Last ... I made it to one of these retreats! It was all that I expected and more. So empowering and restorative. I am taking specific tools to travel my journey with, I know it will make a difference to how I live my life"  Retreat Guest 

"I would recommend a Retreat for any woman who wants to become more real, more connected to her inner being and sacred self"

"....She (Tanette) listened and acknowledged my feelings but wisely didn't allow me to dwell- she snapped me out of my 'woe is me' mood, by guiding me to realise I have options, I can choose to blame or I can do something about it! Her proactive approach resonated with the 'old me'. She supported me to look at what I needed to be happy personally, and take action to get these things in my life.  The turnaround was quick, the questions she used broke my pattern of thinking and made me take control of my life....... I am now feeling optimistic, am looking forward to the future and have got my enthusiasm for life back -YAY! I have lost 9kg so I feel good about myself and have started studying towards a new career, that I am excited about. Thank you for your guidance Tanette " Client 

 " I am so grateful for this retreat. It has helped me nourish my mind, body and soul.  A much needed break from the whirlwind I was living. An opportunity to centre, reconnect and reaccess my life on all levels.  I am leaving with a clear vision and renewed strength and confidence.  Thank you so much for your authenticity, wisdom, and knowledge.  I look forward to meeting again and again and again". Retreat guest